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Each Sam's got his own phone by this point, and each of them have their own messaging system (because let's make things complicated ermehgerb). Feel free to leave a message with any of them, but please leave an indication of which Sam your character is contacting!

Can't come to the phone right now or else I'm trapped under a couple of tonnes of smoke-belching machinery, either way, leave a message!

Hey, it's Crane, and I totally love kissing ass and eating dicks! Just kidding, it's Crow. Leave a message!

Hey, it's Sparrow. I can't come to the phone right now, but leave me a message. Happy to return your call. Uh, yeah, I think that's i-- *beep*

It's Sam -- Leave me a message. If you're one of the flock, it's Panda.

It's Grizz, leave a message and make it fast.

Hey kids, you've got me at a bad time. It's Cobra -- leave me a message and I'll get right back to you. Or don't. I'll still find you.

Hey, how's it going? ...Yeah? ....Huh. ...You sure? ...Well you're probably going to want to leave a message because I'm not home right now. Kisses!

The Sams

Feb. 1st, 2014 11:24 am
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Previous to being dumped into meme city, there were a lot of different Sams at the compound they'd been snatched to. The only company that they had was alternate versions of one another, as well as a very small sample of other kids, multiplied to the same degree. Because of this, they often go by a callsign based on the animal that has been tattooed onto their wrists -- each set of kids from one timeline or another sports a corresponding set, and as far as they can tell, groups within a cell (an operative group limited to between two and five of each kid) sport animals within the same general type. When they're apart, in memes or otherwise, you can probably get away with just calling any of these guys 'Sam'. They'll probably be happy just to be immersed in a place with unfamiliar faces.

Early twenties, with shaggy black hair and a semi-muscled body, usually wearing a doofy grin. He's pretty care-free, mechanically minded, difficult to perturb but extremely serious when he does bust a fuse. Crane tends to mediate when he can. He's sort of body conscious and he's pretty careful to avoid people who look like they're going to discriminate against him due to his career in private school (previous to being snatched) with some serious a-holes. He does stand up for his friends, however, and loves to loop them into his hobbies whenever they will deign to listen to him.

Early twenties, longer black hair that is usually kept in a twist or a braid. He's more rangy than Crane, muscles developed through running and hefting his own body around, rather than through a gym. Crow is serious and easy to anger, with a veneer of good cheer that rubs free pretty easily. His predilections towards building actually lend better towards breaking into things and taking things apart -- with the caveat that he made his pre-snatched career in picking locks and resetting them so that people didn't know they'd been jacked right away. Crow grew up in dogsville in a timeline where the poor were pretty seriously fucked. He watches his back, but those few he does trust, he tends to guard viciously.

Early twenties, short-cropped semi-shag, chubbier than the other Sams in his flock. He's shy, a wilting flower compared to Crow or Crane. Usually he fades into the background when he can, however he is much more resolute than either Crow or Crane when it comes to delicate situations. He can be extremely stubborn; he put much of his pre-snatched life into studying, having been isolated in a compound where resources were fairly easy to access both in the physical sense and the information sense. He doesn't really tend to stand up for anyone, least of all himself, but when push comes to shove he can be immovably stubborn about an important facet of whatever mission the flock is on.

Mid forties, short-cropped hair, an extremely sour disposition. His left leg has been amputated for some time, replaced with an old fashioned limb that has not been integrated with the rest of his body, even though the technology is available. He uses a cane to support himself, a further reminder of his past failures. There are a great amount of dark scars peppering his body from a mission screw-up a few years ago that was responsible for killing one of his cell's number and landing the rest in lock down. He holds himself personally responsible, especially since the member who died (not a Sam, one of the others) had been very close with him at the time. When his group was plucked, they were set down at the compound earlier in the timeline than many of the cells like the flock, hence his older age. His entire cell has been retired, but they teach younger cells how to cope with the fuckeduppery of their new lives, as well as how to interact as stronger teams. He holds himself responsible for any of their deaths as well.

Mid forties, shaggy hair, and a feral sort of look. A few shrapnel scars are visible across his skin, but more noticeable (when he chooses to reveal it) is a huge, ragged scar on one side that looks like it came from a mauling. Grizzly is actually a werecreature, from a timeline where these monsters were rare enough to be myths, but existing in fact. Grizzly is gruff but harmless, for the most part, and has developed good control over the mechanism that causes him to turn. He inexorably turns on the full moon, but the mechanism is also attached to his survival instincts. He was in truth responsible for the death of Panda's partner: Panda messed up an act of sabotage under pressure, the explosion scared Grizzly half to death, Grizzly went on a monster-turned murderous rampage, and Panda's partner happened to get in the way. He's killed as a monster before, so while he mourned the team's loss, he has come to terms with it as well. He and Panda do not get along but a sense of group cohesion means that he can't denounce Panda, no matter how many years the latter has been more or less useless to everyone.

Mid thirties, short cropped hair, built as hell, cocky but in a subdued fashion. Cobra's cell is currently between missions. The snakes have been the hotshots of the entire compound for a long time, and so they tend to be on top of the world. Often Cobra will take on challenges from younger cells, and from younger Sams especially. He trends towards mentorship and is looking forward to the day when his group is retired so that he can go into full training mode. Probably a little too cocky, but at least he is gentle about it.

Mid thirties, longer hair pulled back in a twist with a saddle shave. Unforgiveably cocky, not a great mentor, but extremely proficient when it comes to mission work. The Vipers are the only set of kids brought from a timeline where psionics were a thing. This Sam's got excellent telepathy and telekinetic control, and he has honed them to a sharp point. He gets bored easily, so those in his cell have learned to keep him entertained lest he decide to find some way to entertain himself. He occasionally lets drop derogatory remarks against those who are not similarly gifted, and likes to challenge other Sams especially when they cross paths. The only reverence he seems to possess is towards the rest of his own cell, and towards the bears, who secretly scare the crap out of him.


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